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Friends of Mauriceville Inc -
The Scandinavian Connection Formed in 2008 to preserve
and promote the historical
Scandinavian cultural
heritage of Mauriceville

and its associated districts,
by working together with pride
and in a spirit of co-operation.




































FOM Newletter


FOM Inc. The Scandinavian Connection

Formed in 2008 to preserve and promote the historical Scandinavian cultural heritage of Mauriceville and its associated districts, by working together with pride and in a spirit of co-operation.

The ninth Annual General Meeting of The Friends of Mauriceville Inc. was held on 17 June 2018 at 2pm in the Kopuaranga Hall. Thank you to all that sent apologies.

To sustain the important work of FOM we always welcome new members with their fresh ideas and enthusiasm. It was a positive meeting as some of these people shared their hopes and vision and raised their hands to help with potential projects.

Thank you!

Organisation within FOM may be different this year so as to be more inclusive of those members that are not local. Technology now enables committee members to communicate without actually having to attend a local meeting.
Hence we welcome to the 2018 committee Jean Thompson- Church QSM and Carilyn Banks from Manawatu and Wellington respectively.
Locals Wendy and Julie Blair have also joined us. Thanks to these folk for stepping forward.
Harold Devenport was prepared to be re elected Chairman as there were no other nominations and Denise Devenport will do her final year as Treasurer. It needs to be acknowledged they have worked tirelessly since the inception of FOM. We are very grateful that they have agreed to continue for another term.


The trustees of the Mauriceville West Lutheran Church and Burial Grounds are in discussion with Masterton District Council for them to take over the stewardship of the Mauriceville West burial ground, but they are not prepared to take over the church building. I must stress we are only at the point of having made a formal submission, but informal feedback is very positive. The burial ground would likely become open to the community for their use.
Regarding the church building, we see no other option than to have it deconsecrated and removed, a process we again are quietly working through with heavy hearts. We do honestly think, to keep it maintained on site, is not possible for us. To this end, if any local community group could make use of it, they should contact us as soon as possible and we’d be keen for a discussion. We feel it very important to convey this to your group and followers to keep everyone fairly informed of events.
Bruce Farley

If anyone would like to talk to Bruce about the Lutheran Church in the first instance please make contact with FOM through the email
or Harold Devenport 06 3725500. All comments will be passed on to Bruce.

The Mauriceville West Reserve Committee is pleased to report that they have had another successful year of progress with maintenance on the school, the outbuildings and the land surrounding the school.
The girls’ shelter shed has been fully restored and committee members have painted it to a waterproof standard, waiting for the final coat. The work required to get the school building ready, was to punch galvanised nails, paint with rust kill paint, fill the hole, sand and scrape the boards and then completely cover the wall with a white undercoat. Robbie Braddock-our Vice Chairman, is organising for the final coat to be sprayed by a professional painter, giving the native timber a very thick coat that will last many years. Mark Sutton, also a professional painter put putty in the windows that required it and painted all the exterior windows. We will get him back to paint the front and rear doors after the spray painting is completed.
H. Devenport, co-ordinated with the Waipoua Lions’ Club members to construct a tremendous set of stairs from the court to the school allowing people to park safely on the court and walk directly up to the school. (Many thanks to them). The Reserve Committee supplied materials.
Willy Buick, our chairman has been busy with his tractor and farming skills, pruning rhododendrons trees. Open areas were replanted and the whole area has been fenced. The Shrubs were becoming a stock hazard.
Macrocarpa trees in the cemetery block (firewood fundraisers) are now tidy and rubbish burnt. The school paddock has been sprayed, limed and reseeded. Thanks to Keinley Agvet for the seed. All drains are now cleared of mud build up.
Thanks to Devenports for donating surplus ewes for the fundraising flock.


Two of the rotting original windows were removed at the beginning of the year, as in accordance with our Conservation Plan keeping the building water tight, must always be our priority. Temporary cover sheets have been put up and the windows are at Riggs’ Joinery to be used as a pattern. The church is a listed heritage building and every endeavour has to be made to recreate the windows as they were. The joiner had assured us they would be ready by winter. Unfortunately that has not been the case. We were very grateful to the Mauriceville/ Kopuaranga Fair Grants’ Committee for a generous grant of S1 500 towards this project.
The gates have been restored by the Menz Shed in Masterton. With their expertise they were able to restore and replace the original forged hinge straps and replace rotten wood in the frame. They were also able to make a new latch system so visitors will no longer have to grapple with a chain. The gates were sealed and painted (thanks to the Winter family) before being re hung. They now open out together with ease. A donation was given to the Menz shed in appreciation. Thanks to Brian Ammundsen for the loan of a farm gate and his assistance with the removal and rehanging of the gates.



Although this was initially a Larsen reunion I understand all are welcome. This has been planned thoughtfully, so there are no costs for attendees and registrations will be accepted right up until Labour Weekend. The programme is full and varied and includes a tour of historic sites on Sunday starting at 9.30am at the Kopuaranga Hall and a short church service at the Norwegian Church later. Please spread the word especially to descendents of Lars Hansen and Eli Torkilsdatter, as data will be collected to update the family tree.
For a programme and registration form contact   Peter 0272818550

KOPUARANGA HALL-Saturday 18 August 2018
Arts and Crafts Market Day 10am -4pm
MAURICEVILLE/ KOPUARANGA COUNTRY FAIR -Sunday 2 December Annual Fair at the Clarke Memorial Reserve.

$10 per anum
Unpaid subscriptions are due for payment now please.
Payments can be made directly to our bank account ANZ 06-06890278183-00
* Please remember to put your name and subscription in the reference field or alternatively post your cheque to:

Friends of Mauriceville
C/-Denise Devenport
53 College Street
Masterton 5810

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